Tools and Practices

I work one-on-one with individuals and facilitate groups. I have studied and been informed by many types of healing work, including body and energy work. With in-person sessions I can incorporate more somatic interaction, but I highlight three approaches here which are readily accessible by video call. You do not need to know exactly what you want to do before a session, this is a palette:

Completion Process 

Photo of Teal and Oren
Teal and Oren at Philia in Costa Rica

This is an incredible process (assembled by Teal Swan) that weaves together all the foundations described above, using feeling to guide you towards lost or hidden parts of yourself. We use a visualization or meditation to connect to those parts, become present with them, and meet their needs. There is a close relationship to the ideas and goals of Soul Retrieval; the difference is that in CP, you are the one doing the “work.” (Read a full account of a CP session.)

Parts Work

The goal of parts work is to create more awareness, understanding, and coherence between your many selves. We do this by actually giving each of them a voice and letting them speak to each other. This can look like a sharing circle or mediation between different aspects of yourself.


The aim of Circling is often described as creating shared reality and grokking each other’s worlds. In the context that is laid out in the foundations section, Circling supports awareness, presence, and connection through spacious inquiry, reflection and the sharing of impact.

“Oren is an incredibly patient, attuned, empathic and present professional… It was one of, or perhaps the one most detailed, compassionate, and helpful sessions of my life. I can now become my own source of unconditional motherly love and fatherly guidance towards a healthier, whole and sovereign version of myself. What a tremendous gift!”Paula