Listen to an audio from psychotherapist Ben Sprang about his therapeutic session integrating parts work, somatic approaches, medicine, and self compassion.

“You asked for feedback, but it doesn’t feel exactly right to critique such a sacred gift, even to say positive things.” —Rob, Minnesota

“My Completion Process experience with Oren was a profound life changer! I accessed deep reservoirs of hidden wisdom and unlocked potent healing during this session. I revealed the root cause of my unease and clearly see why the emotions of hate and disgust had blocked my life up to this point in time!
This was a doorway to liberation for me. Although the discomfort to face all this was challenging, the gifts received made it all very much worthwhile.
Oren is a great presence; he offers a sympathetic and genuine vibration that allowed my inner child to come out of hiding, and feel safe and understood. It was a life changing session and I highly recommend working with him if you are ready to truly heal your life.” —Heather V, Florida

“Oren has a huge tool bag of skills to help a person navigate through the dark and light shades of human complexity; ranging from soulfully respecting and identifying the gardens of resource to igniting transformation through sacred sensuality. His energy is clear, intentional, curious, and capable.”  —Sage, California

“For anyone struggling to love what you deem to be the most unloveable parts of yourself, any seekers of truth who wish to come out from under the harsh regime of the inner saboteur and allow for greater forgiveness and vulnerability, this is a great man to work with.” —Rose, California

I just received a 2.5 hour Completion Process session from Oren Shefer. 
It was one of, or perhaps the one most comprehensive, detailed, compassionate, understanding, and helpful sessions of my life. Oren is an incredibly patient, attuned, empathic, and present professional who held space incredibly beautifully, guiding me through my psyche and some of my deepest traumatic memories, un-felt and stuck emotions, and their repercussions on my daily life…   

Prior to this session, I did not understand how one traumatic event from my life could be a seed for others and have such a deep impact on my life’s array of feelings and my ways of being and responding to events and people… This session has already allowed me to work through other deeper issues with myself, my friendships, my partnership,  and the way I live, work, breathe, rest, love and receive love!…  What a tremendous gift!” —Paula, Poland

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