Oren Shefer is a counselor, intuitive empath, and guide.

I am passionate about helping people restore inner faith, be courageously vulnerable, connect deeply, and honor and embody their desires, creativity, and joy. My understanding of and compassion for the dark places within flows through my own long journey of healing alienation, depression and despair. An intuitive message I received several years ago reminded me, “We suggest you return to the center of your power and purpose—this being to unite people through your love and acceptance of them.”

I received my B.A. from Harvard University and did two years of graduate work in Cognitive Psychology at Princeton. Shortly after leaving, I began walking a path of exploration and embodied spirituality that has continued for over 15 years.

My background includes martial arts, dance, actor’s training, Jewish mysticism and the Santo Daime (ayahuasca). I completed Kripalu’s 500-hour bodywork training in 2008. I then connected with a number of other influences and people, including esoteric channeled work, Native American teachers, and a Guru in the Vedic lineages. In 2016, I completed a Tantric counselor training with Shawn Roop, and in 2019 became a Certified Completion Process Practitioner with Teal Swan. In 2023, I certified in Compassion Key with Edward Mannix.

“Oren has a huge tool bag of skills to help a person navigate through the dark and light shades of human complexity… His energy is clear, intentional, curious, and capable.” —Sage