Report of a Completion Process Session

Here is an account of a Completion Process I facilitated. I include the whole report because I think it touches on many of the themes that I have described in the site, and gives an deep sense of her experience of the session.


I have been a practicing somatic-oriented counselor and healer with graduate study in therapy and have facilitated hundreds of workshops and retreats on trauma healing, past-life regression, intimacy, relationships, creativity and other topics, and have received sessions from many healers and counselors. I just received a 2.5 hour Completion Process session from Oren Shefer. It was one of, or perhaps the one, most comprehensive, detailed, compassionate, understanding, and helpful sessions of my life.

Oren is an incredibly patient, attuned, empathic, and present professional who held space incredibly beautifully, guiding me through my psyche and some of my deepest traumatic memories, un-felt and stuck emotions, and their repercussions on my daily life. He offered solace, respite, understanding and compassion, as well as useful practical tools and lasting change for long-held patterns. 

Prior to this session, I did not understand how one traumatic event from my life could be a seed for others and have such a deep impact on my life’s array of feelings and my ways of being and responding to events and people.

Oren started the session by simply giving me permission to feel a particular tension that I have always felt underneath everything in my life—it would cause me to shake, curl up, and be scared. Somehow I hadn’t felt safe, or hadn’t known how to simply go there and let it tremble and shake until the very end, when it could reveal its origin. It turned out that it led me to a traumatic memory from kindergarten, where I was blamed for something I didn’t do by the entire group and the teacher. As punishment, I was sent to another room to stare at a wall for several hours, while others ate.

The feeling of that entire experience was filled with terror, screams, tears, humiliation, feeling bad, ashamed, like there is something wrong with me, like it is unsafe to be myself, like I don’t belong, like I am not wanted—feelings that have been so familiar to me throughout my life! They were stuck in my body, un-felt, un-processed, un-digested, un-alchemized, repeating and copying themselves like a computer program overtaking my entire system, on a loop.

The space that he offered me, just being a loving, kind, patient, generous, and inquiring presence allowed me to fully feel those feelings without limits, shame, or fear, while I screamed, cried, hit, and hid my face. By validating me at every moment, normalizing my feelings, and showing me how to offer this to myself through the guided imagery of fatherly and motherly presences and allies, he gave me a new framework for how I can feel everything fully, meet it with understanding, and offer it guidance. This is what every child longs for in a parent.

I can now become my own source of unconditional motherly love and fatherly guidance to realize a healthier, whole and sovereign version of myself and the situations that my Self creates in life. What a tremendous gift! 

This session has already allowed me to work through other deeper issues with myself, my friendships, my partnership, and the way I live, work, breathe, rest, love and receive love! Everything is a conversation and relation. Within 24 hours, I am creating much more present, loving, and compassionate relations around me and inside me!