Connection Lab

Connection Lab

Meet. Connect. Share. Witness. Deepen.

This is an opportunity to bring more of ourselves into relationship with with other humans. Practice presence, openness, vulnerability, self-trust, and connection with a group of people who are onboard for the journey. It is a deepening into authentic and honest relating, where we can share more of the present-moment truths that often hold us back from being fully available to connection.

Sometimes playful and fun, still and deep, emotional, challenging and edgy, revealing and empowering, all of it is an opportunity to cultivate a deeper knowing of ourselves and each other.

I often finish feeling more at home in myself and holding a deeper appreciation and gratitude for the human experience.



Friday April 26th
9:45am Door
10am Lab

Please bring some fruit to share.

Price: 300 baht at the door, 250 baht advance
To prepay, please PayPal 250 baht or $8 USD (use “to friends” option) (Include note, “Connection lab”)

Location: House off middle road, about halfway between Sritanu and Thong Sala. Follow directions to the turn off of Middle road onto access road. Go a couple hundred meters passing houses on your right. Look for a PAVED driveway that goes up the hill to your right. You will pass unpaved driveways. Follow the PAVED driveway to the very top, it is the last house at the end.


More Details

We will play a variety of different “games” over the course of the gathering. This can include:

  • Council
  • T-group
  • Appreciations
  • Hot Seat
  • Dark Reflections
  • Physical play 
  • Devotion
  • and More

Core Values and Agreements

Connection: Remember that we all came to cultivate connection. How can I support that?

Self-leadership: Practice care for yourself and take responsibility for your growth. What do I need and want right now?

Curiousity: Relax your certainties and open to discovering new things. What can I discover? “A wise person is one who learns from everyone” —Pirkei Avot

Consideration of the Group: Include the other people present in your circle of awareness and consideration.  What is in service of the collective?